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C&C Reservoirs provides the most comprehensive intelligence on the world’s most significant oil and gas fields.

The DAKS™ software advantage

C&C Reservoirs’ DAKS (Digital Analogs Knowledge System) is an easy-to-use online knowledge base and set of data analytics tools. It allows you to search, analyze and benchmark your prospects, plays and fields against the world's most important fields. Used by leading oil and gas explorers and producers it will help you find and recover more oil and gas.

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Our services

Draw on our wealth of reservoir experience and analytics tools to help address pressing E&P challenges, train your teams and support reserves and resources bookings. 

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We offer a number of training courses to suit all levels of experience, learning objectives, budgets and technical transfer aims.

E&P studies

When working with us on a project, we will use the full power of our data analytics, experience and knowledge base to help solve your challenges.

Personal support

Our consultants are coaches who can help your professionals apply analog knowledge more effectively and efficiently.

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For help to find or recover more hydrocarbons and to view an example field report or experience the Digital Analogs Knowledge System (DAKS)

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