Digital Analogue Knowledge System (DAKS™)

Quickly Access Decades Of Reservoir Expertise

DAKS™ incorporates Reservoir Evaluation Reports, a digital global knowledge base, search tools and a suite of powerful data analytics tools, all underpinned by a pioneering classification system.

What is DAKS™?

C&C Reservoirs’ Digital Analogue Knowledge System (DAKS™) is a secure, cloud-based, asset-centred, knowledge platform designed to improve decision quality and drive value throughout the E&P lifecycle. DAKS™ leverages user’s expertise on their own E&P assets with knowledge derived from global analogues. This knowledge can be described as ‘collective human intelligence’ and represents systematic documentation of the world’s most important fields and reservoirs and allows analysis of best practices and lessons learned from global E&P activities of the past century.

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How Can DAKS™ Help?

C&C Reservoirs’ DAKS™ provides the opportunity to expand your teams’ experience using insights and intelligence derived from global analogues. The DAKS™ analogue workflow is designed to identify the best-in-class performance and examine in detail what differentiates them. Capturing knowledge on your own fields and prospects, benchmarking against global best practices and applying this knowledge to decisions ensures that you continuously learn and expand your knowledge

DAKS™ gives users unparalleled access to an immense amount of knowledge. Our users benefit from the learnings acquired from the successes and failures of the world’s most important fields and reservoirs. This gives geoscientists and engineers confidence that their ideas are grounded in reality and fact, allowing them to make better decisions across the entire E&P lifecycle.

DAKS™ Key Features

Reservoir Evaluation Report (RER)

C&C Reservoirs’ Reservoir Evaluation Reports provide an in-depth analysis and systematic documentation of the world’s most important fields and reservoirs. These account for more than 70% of global conventional recoverable reserves and demonstrate the best practices and lessons learned from the global E&P activities of the past century. Each field case study details how and why a prospect was drilled, then covers basin genesis and source rock, followed by a detailed description of the structure and trap definition, reservoir characteristics and fluid properties. RERs also covers resources and recovery insight, including development strategy, production history, reservoir management and any improved recovery techniques applied and their outcomes.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Report

C&C Reservoirs' EOR Reports focus on the enhanced oil recovery methods deployed during a specific period of a field’s production history that has proven to be effective in improving the field’s production performance. Each EOR report starts with feasibility studies, scale of application and project result, followed by detailed description of injected fluid properties, production performance and incremental recovery. Isolating and clearly documenting the impact of individual EOR methods on production performance allows the best EOR method for each reservoir type to be identified.

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DAKS™ Tools

The cloud-based knowledge platform contains a robust search engine, the capability to capture knowledge on users’ own E&P assets and a powerful set of characterisation, benchmarking, production performance and portfolio ranking tools. Users can extend the DAKS™ data model by adding and defining attributes to their own specifications.

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Pioneering Classification Scheme

To appropriately compare fields and reservoirs globally, it is first necessary to standardise definitions and terminology, applying a consistent classification scheme to both public domain and proprietary data sets. Each geological and reservoir engineering attribute has been classified through exhaustive research to acquire a profound knowledge and understanding in the subject area, rigorous validation using information from individual field reports and cross-checking by some of the world’s most experienced geoscientists and reservoir engineers.

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Global Knowledge Base

A comprehensive data model, with over 450 geological and reservoir engineering attributes, has been established at both reservoir and field level. The analogue information from this research is consistently populated into the data model, and codified into a coherent global knowledge base that is regularly updated and expanded and represents information from every significant petroleum basin, play and reservoir type, development and production challenge, and IOR/EOR method around the world.

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Additional DAKS Modules

DAKS™ Portfolio Module

The DAKS™ Portfolio Module has been designed for quality assurance on a corporate basis. It has wide application wherever measurable, repeatable analysis of portfolio performance is required, and is designed to test parameter sensitivity for direct input to corporate portfolio management workflows. With the Portfolio Module, DAKS provides an integrated environment for quality assurance throughout the E&P lifecycle to reduce uncertainty and increase decision quality.

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DAKS™ EOR Module

The DAKS™ EOR Module has been designed to optimise the screening of EOR processes to maximise recovery. The EOR Module provides complete documentation on the EOR methods proven to be effective in improving field production performance. The EOR Module is designed to address the common industry challenges related to using enhanced oil recovery techniques. Through the identification of applicable global analogues and best practices, our users can identify the most appropriate technique for their assets and understand key risks or uncertainties.

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