Our training courses suit all levels of experience, learning objectives, budgets and technical transfer aims.

Each course is relevant to geoscientists and reservoir engineers and we recommend a mixed audience to ensure a rich learning experience.

Courses offered below are through public or in-house options, given either online or in person. Onsite-training can also be tailored to both individual and company requirements.

Maximizing the Impact & Application of Analogs


Analogs enable more powerful technical analysis and decision making throughout the E&P lifecycle. They are used across a range of activities, for example, to give confidence to interpretations, generate and calibrate exploration prospects, input data to reservoir models, benchmark reservoir performance, identify best reservoir management and support resource booking. The aim of this dynamic interactive course is to develop a complete understanding of the practical application of analogs across the E&P cycle. The course will improve the participant’s knowledge and skills to allow them to use analogs for more powerful and compelling technical analysis and decision making.

Who should attend

Everyone and anyone who believes in learning from the geological studies of existing discoveries, outcrop and modern depositional settings as well as reservoir performance and production histories.

Essential Training


This course will teach your team how to search for applicable global reservoir analogs. It introduces the DAKS classification system, features and functions. It also covers essential methods for extracting insight from the reports, table of parameters and production curves. Some DAKS experience is preferred, however, this is not a prerequisite. All learning will be reinforced through a series of individual and group exercises based on real-life examples of how analogs add tangible value to E&P workflows.

Who should attend

The emphasis of the course is on geoscience and reservoir engineering but it will also benefit all subsurface staff who are involved in technical evaluations and decision making.

Advanced Training

As your users become more familiar with DAKS and using global reservoir analogs, they will want to learn how to really conduct more powerful analyses.


This course will show your users how to apply global reservoir analogs and the advanced analytic tools. You will learn how to use DAKS Advanced tools to extract valuable insight from applicable global reservoir. These include advanced search tools, in addition to histograms, cross-plots and benchmarking tools. We'll also explain how to apply the DAKS classification system to search for analogous reservoirs. The DAKS Essential course is a prerequisite for attendees.

Who should attend

The emphasis of the course is on geoscience and reservoir engineering but it will also benefit all subsurface staff involved in technical evaluations and decision making.

Reservoir Knowledge Capture and Analysis Training


This training course will cover how to capture knowledge on your own fields. This will start with how to apply our industry recognized classification system, to learning our standardized definitions for more than 400 parameters through to implementing best practice quality assurance. Using the intuitive field data input tool, you will also learn how to map your field's data to our classification system. Thus enabling you to find analogous global reservoirs and assess the performance of your fields vs. top performers. You will have the opportunity to complete a knowledge capture certification program.

Who should attend

The emphasis of the course is capturing field data and applying our classification system to codify data using the DAKS input tool. It will be valuable for all staff who are involved in reservoir knowledge capture.

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