Portfolio Management

Objective insight and screening based on industry best practice

Uncover insights and better manage or boost returns from your portfolio of assets.

An immense knowledge base, powerful analytics tools and industry experts. Our portfolio ranking and screening services will bring critical insight and thought leadership to your investment opportunities.  After capturing knowledge on your field and using the full power of C&C Reservoirs’ knowledge base and analytics tools, our experienced geoscientists and reservoir engineers unearth new insights and opportunities to help you find or recover more oil and gas.

Our Experience

Our staff has global experience in major oil and gas areas all over the world, in both geoscience and engineering. Working with you, we can leverage DAKS and our experience to solve business challenges you may face. Projects we have undertaken include:

  • Identifying which projects are the best fit for an updated corporate strategy.
  • Ranking the assets in a portfolio and identifying the best assets for acquisition or divestiture.
  • Prospect quality-control to provide a reality check and help validate prospect resource inventory assumptions and estimates for prospects.
  • Optimizing field development options by reviewing aspects of your development plan (volumetric assessment, reservoir exploitation strategies, etc.,) and performing benchmarking analysis of your assets against proven cases in DAKS.

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