Knowledge Capture

Gaining Advantage from Better Knowledge Management

Consultancy support to capture and codify data on your own fields, reveal knowledge and uncover value drivers.

Support to capture, classify and make more of your knowledge

Capturing your own reservoir and field knowledge, and creating your own proprietary knowledge base, will enhance your know-how. Specifically to interrogate and understand what’s working, and spot improvement opportunities. In turn this helps gain advantage over your competitors.

We provide:

  • Training to enable your team to capture and codify data from your E&P portfolio, and create a more valuable and secure knowledge base.
  • Research and analysis to understand any classification differences, develop risk mitigation strategies.
  • Analysis and support to create processes and policies to transfer know-how and best practices to your team, and improve oil and gas exploration, development and production workflows and outcomes.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Programs

Setting up and maintaining an appropriate level of quality assurance and quality control programs takes time.  We can apply our best practices and processes to help capture your reservoir knowledge, and assure quality before this knowledge is used for further detailed analysis.  By standardizing and improving your processes you’ll reduce uncertainty and make better investment decisions. 

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