E&P Studies

We work in partnership with our subscribers to deliver solutions

Bespoke consultancy or detailed exploration and production studies, to help you find and recover more oil and gas.

Expert Consultancy Services

Our experienced team of geoscientists and reservoir engineers have worked on a wide range of global projects, both onshore and offshore, and spanning all play types. Starting with your objectives, we help you find and recover more oil and gas using the DAKS knowledge base and analytics tools.  We are also working with advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to further leverage our immense knowledge base and provide a range of innovative solutions.  These improve forecasting for a number of sub-surface parameters.  

We help you identify:

Which of your assets are under performing and what have others done to achieve top quartile performance?

Which prospects may be overlooked in your acreage based on global play analogs for your tectonic setting?

Example projects we can assist with include:

  • For prospects, to benchmark the geological and engineering input parameters required for volumetric and economic assessment. This assures consistency and objectivity across an exploration portfolio.
  • For new developments, clarify the learnings and production impact from others’ development decisions so that you can “crack the code” for your reservoir in an accelerated timeframe and at a lower cost than learning-by-doing approaches.
  • For mature fields, to identify recovery factor upside and the improved recovery or EOR methods that have delivered increased performance in analog developments.
  • For investment opportunities, to quickly rank each to determine which have the highest upside potential.
  • Objective evaluation of your assets’ production performance compared to others.

Application: Lease sale (Bid Round) Evaluation

Whether a buyer or a seller, we help explorers, producers and governments benefit from bid rounds.

For operators, we help you identify which projects are the best fit for your strategy and assist in understanding and evaluating offerings. Quickly identifying geological or engineering anomalies associated with each opportunity helps to determine which have the highest potential.

For national oil companies and government agencies, this service identifies leases that may attract foreign capital investment and helps determine which assets to offer through bid rounds.

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