Harness unparalleled analog detail to compare and contrast your E&P assets

Deeply understand what drives success and what is possible by benchmarking your opportunity against the 400+ parameters in DAKS.

Analog Benchmarking Studies

Using the extensive resources available in DAKS, our technical team will perform benchmarking analysis of your assets against the proven global reservoir analogs in DAKS. These projects typically commence by clarifying your challenge and selecting the reservoir, fluid or engineering parameters you wish to benchmark. DAKS holds over 400+ parameters and any combination of these can be used to benchmark your target be it an exploration prospect, new development or EOR candidate.

We will map your data to our industry-leading DAKS proprietary classification system so that we can locate the population of analogs that your prospect or field will be benchmarked against. Both static and dynamic parameters are available for benchmarking. Our experts will provide a referenced study, complete with figures and analysis, by leveraging their significant industry experience and the power of global analogs in DAKS.

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