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C&C Reservoirs conducts pioneering joint E&P industry R&D

C&C Reservoirs’ is known for conducting pioneering research using analog knowledge in collaboration with several leading E&P companies. Thus, enabling us to uncover new insights and inspire new tools and new methods to find and recover oil and gas.

Current R&D Projects

Enhanced Oil Recovery Research

C&C Reservoirs’ is currently researching and documenting a vast number of additional global EOR projects spanning chemical, thermal, microbial and miscible methods. We are producing even more detailed reports focusing on the EOR methods deployed at field, reservoir or well level for field-wide application, partial application or pilot scale application. Isolating and clearly documenting the impact of the EOR methods, with EOR specific parameters and a focus on production performance will allow the best EOR method for each reservoir type to be identified. Ultimately this will become an EOR project screening tool. We welcome expressions of interest to join this three-year joint industry project.

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Applied Intelligence

Recent data science advancements in machine learning have enhanced our ability to gather information, mine that information, create powerful algorithms and derive deep-insight. Critical to this effort is the information gathering and data structuring stages. C&C Reservoirs’ uniquely captures detailed data and applies its pioneering classification system to structure that data. We are developing new tools to leverage the rich content we hold. Current artificial intelligence research is focussing on applications for improved recovery forecasting, but any sub-surface parameter can be forecast with the same techniques. We welcome expressions of interest to further this research.

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Applied Intellegence

R&D Projects Delivered


C&C Reservoirs' successes include significant research projects for clients on a proprietary or joint industry basis. For example, we've revealed trends and insights to better forecast and predict sub-surface parameters by identifying key controlling factors across different lithologies, different tectonic settings and different reservoirs. Additionally, we've led thinking on where to prospect for specific play types. The list (left) summarises some of the general study types we have delivered.

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