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Apply global analog intelligence using data analytics

C&C Reservoirs provides field evaluation reports, a digital knowledge base, search tools and a suite of powerful data analytics tools, all underpinned by a pioneering classification system. All of these are delivered through our cloud-based subscription service, DAKS™ (Digital Analogs Knowledge System).

Created using a pioneering classification system

Capturing knowledge and classifying sub-surface parameters or variables such as trap type, depositional environment and reservoir management practices requires a rigorous classification system. C&C Reservoirs has developed a comprehensive hierarchy of classification and definition for 250 geological and 150 engineering parameters since the mid-1990’s. These are the cornerstone of our products allowing consistent capture of reservoir data and comparison across fields.

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Field Evaluation Reports contain a wealth of reservoir experience

Our reports provide clear, in-depth analysis and understanding on the world’s most important fields to help you gain quick insights. Starting with exploration history, each report details how and why the prospect was drilled, the basin genesis and petroleum system. They also describe the structure and characteristics of the reservoir and define the trap, source and fluid properties. Finally, they cover the resources, reservoir management practices, and recovery strategies employed as well as production outcomes.

A comprehensive knowledge base of the world's most important fields

All reservoir data is classified, and for each reservoir, we hold structured text, numeric data and images. Each value has been classified consistently by exhaustive research and quality controlled by some of the world's most experienced geoscientists and reservoir engineers. The application of C&C Reservoirs' rigorous classification system to gathering, referencing and synthesizing data into field evaluation reports ensures each data point is captured into an immense knowledge base. This allows us to turn big data into unique big knowledge to help you find or recover more oil and gas anywhere in the world.

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Advanced search tools

Finding the most applicable analogs is essential to translating knowledge into critical insight and intelligence for E&P decision-making. It is a common mistake to only consider local reservoir analogs. This approach has resulted in considerable wasted investment across the industry as inappropriate analogs are used to promote new exploration or development concepts. Our advanced search tools uniquely allow you to identify and learn from all the world's most important fields.

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Powerful data analytics tools

Our analytics tools uniquely allow you to quickly harness the power of the knowledge base. Data visualization, benchmarking, uncertainty calibration, characterization and validation tools are all built in. DAKS can also be used to capture knowledge on your own E&P assets using the pioneering classification scheme. By characterizing, benchmarking and ranking your oil and gas fields you'll invest more wisely and ensure long-term portfolio success.

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