Realize significant value

By improving oil and gas recovery and production efficiency

No two development projects are the same. Each field presents different recovery challenges, and each demands bespoke solutions. By learning from the best, it is possible to improve production efficiency or increase production. Even small improvements can realize extra $ billions.

We provide intelligence for more successful oil and gas production

We help you recover more oil and gas using our online knowledge base of global reservoirs and powerful analytics tools. Each reservoir is classified by up to 250 geological and 150 engineering parameters. All are also based on extensive research and cross-checking by some of the world's most experienced geoscientists and reservoir engineers. It allows you to compare your discoveries and fields with our knowledge base and thus give extra certainty to recover more oil and gas and improve production efficiency.

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  • Save significant time and cost in researching and analyzing analogous global reservoirs
  • Benchmark your own fields against top performing fields
  • Test your ideas against proven recovery methods
  • Calibrate uncertainty, stimulate creativity, reveal trends and improve confidence in recovering more oil and gas or improving production efficiency
  • Identify and learn ‘best’ production practices
  • Understand causes and effects and predict beyond the known to the unknown
  • Forecast the performance of any hydrocarbon reservoir
  • Support reserves bookings adopting SPE / SEC guidelines
  • Devise, test and refine strategies to optimize oil and gas recovery and to rejuvenate mature fields
  • Make better investment decisions and help save or make $billions

Questions we help you answer

  • What is the most successful development scenario for my situation?
  • What are the key factors affecting recovery in similar reservoirs?
  • Which improved recovery method will produce most additional oil and gas?
  • How can I use analog knowledge to support reserves bookings?

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Application: Better forecast production profiles and drilling plans using analog intelligence

In prospect evaluation workflows, reservoir engineers have limited time to produce production profiles. Now you can use our integrated production profile tool to assess performance of analogous reservoirs and forecast low, mid and high production profiles. Not only will this save you immense time but it will improve communication across disciplines, help you invest more wisely, better manage stakeholder expectations and ensure best practice in prospect evaluation.


Application: Improve Oil Recovery with Confidence from EOR Analog Knowledge

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes could potentially recover additional oil in place. According to the International Energy Agency, EOR could unlock 300 billion barrels of oil worldwide from existing fields. The opportunity for EOR is substantial but the challenge is to have confidence in the evidence of success and to be able to rapidly identify economic EOR opportunities.

C&C Reservoirs has researched and documented a vast number of global EOR projects spanning chemical, miscible, microbial and thermal methods. Are you maximising production from your reservoir?

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