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Stakeholders expect consistent long-term returns on oil and gas investments. You therefore need to continually assess your production potential, risks, potential costs of exploiting your portfolio of assets in order to invest wisely and optimise returns.

Extra strategic control and confidence to grow your portfolio

We provide portfolio managers with intelligence to better manage oil and gas assets. The ability to import data on your own fields and compare it with an online knowledge base of the world’s most important fields. This is facilitated via our unique data classification system of 250 geological parameters and 150 production parameters. Easy to-use analytics tools then give you clarity across your portfolio to understand which reservoirs are under performing, or which exploration prospects are outliers.

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  • Compare your fields with the world’s most important fields, assess production trends, spot opportunities to improve recovery, reduce costs, and better model and forecast future production or match production to available resources
  • Classify, contrast and rank your exploration prospects and development opportunities to deliver a balanced and growing portfolio
  • Rank your assets, assess value drivers and identify which has most upside potential
  • Enable a richer discussion on where and how to invest over the long-term
  • Better forecast the performance of any hydrocarbon reservoir
  • Support auditable reserves bookings adopting SEC guidelines
  • Make better investment decisions and help save and make $ billions

Application: Portfolio Ranking and Benchmaking

When managing a large portfolio of assets it is critical that economics alone are not the only method used for investment decisions. A simple single value makes for easy comparison but can mask the real value drivers. By capturing your assets using C&C Reservoirs classification scheme, you can benchmark these objectively and many reservoirs can be quickly compared. Comparisons can be made against any selection of global analogs and using any selection of parameters be they geological, engineering or facilities related. Applying user defined weighting factors will provide portfolio insight at a deep-technical level.

Questions we help you answer

  • Are there interdependencies in my portfolio?
  • Do my prospects leverage the skills we have developed based on our producing assets?
  • Which asset has the greatest opportunity to increase production in the short term?
  • Where should I invest to meet profit and asset value objectives?

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