DAKS™ for Portfolio Assurance

Fuel More Successful E&P Portfolio Management

Build a reservoir knowledge base unique to your portfolio, classify an existing portfolio of prospects, assets or both, and identify brown and green field value creation opportunities.

Manage Your Portfolio of Assets

When managing a large portfolio of E&P assets it is critical that economics alone are not the only method used for investment decisions. The ability to standardise knowledge on users’ E&P assets and adoption of a consistent and objective evaluation process is essential for portfolio optimisation. By capturing knowledge on your assets using C&C Reservoirs’ holistic classification scheme, you can benchmark your portfolio objectively, quickly compare reservoirs against any selection of global analogues, using any selection of parameters.

Portfolio Benchmarking

Knowledge Maintenance

Many E&P companies and government agencies struggle to keep their knowledge updated, which risks the knowledge base becoming obsolete. Under the knowledge maintenance program C&C Reservoirs will annually check the population of parameters, make updates from spreadsheets or documents where required and quality control all parameter values to ensure your reservoir knowledge base remains current and relevant. All proprietary reservoir data and knowledge captured within the DAKS™ platform is in a secure and protected environment. A comprehensive permissions system ensures each user’s ability to view information is individually managed, ensuring data access is appropriately restricted or added to individuals or groups.

DAKS4 Release

Why DAKS™?

Portfolio Construction - The proprietary reservoirs to be ranked, and the DAKS™ parameters which will be used for reference population, are selected and loaded into the portfolio matrix. Additional proprietary parameters which are not in DAKS™ can also be loaded for ranking.

Portfolio Characterisation - Using the DAKS™ characterisation tools, such as histograms, bar charts and pie charts, a unique view of your portfolio can be created. Any DAKS™ parameter or proprietary parameter can be quickly displayed and evaluated to help review your portfolio in immense detail to reveal common themes that would otherwise not be visible.

Portfolio Benchmarking - Each reservoir is ranked against the applicable analogues for a specific portfolio theme. An objective assessment of each parameter at the portfolio level confirms if your teams are over or under-estimating systematically. This will give you intelligence on the balance of your portfolio and where upside may be hidden.

Portfolio Ranking - Proprietary reservoirs are ranked based on the sum of scores for each parameter (both DAKS™ parameters and loaded proprietary parameters). A different weighting for each parameter or each group of parameters can be applied. Recovery factor trend can be established using Reservoir Ranking Index (RRI) derived from critical reservoir and fluid parameters for a specific portfolio theme.

Portfolio Optimisation - Techniques which honour static parameter constraints and future production profiles will provide clarity on which reservoir opportunities to pursue; which development techniques to employ; and which improved or enhanced recovery techniques to use on mature fields to increase recovery.

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