Field Evaluation Reports

May 2018 Content Update

Even More Knowledge

The latest release of 58 detailed Field Evaluation Reports comprises 26 brand-new reports and 32 updated/rewritten reports on fields previously published.  These comprise a total of 36 new reservoirs and 50 update reservoirs.  All reports are delivered as a subscription service through our Digital Analogs Knowledge System (DAKS).  The next major content release will be in November 2018.

26 New reports include:

  • Leviathan (Israel) – Deep-water dry gas field containing >34 TCF in-place, reservoired in subsalt, Oligo-Miocene turbidites.
  • Sea Lion (Falkland Islands) – South Atlantic oil discovery in Aptian lacustrine turbidites due to come onstream in 2019.
  • Wisting (Norway) – 2013 discovery in Norwegian Barents Sea in high-quality Mesozoic sands with permeabilites of up to 6 Darcies.
  • Taq Taq, Demir Dagh, Sheikh Adi, and Shaikan (Iraq) – four fractured-carbonate fields in Kurdistan.
  • Erawan, Bua Ban, and Bua Ban North (Thailand) – three, intensely faulted, oil/gas fields, in fracture-stimulated fluvio-deltaic reservoirs.
  • Mariner (UK) – offshore heavy oilfield in a strat trap within Tertiary turbidite sandstones.
  • Shah Deniz (Azerbaijan) – supergiant overpressured gas-condensate field, with reserves of >40 TCF.

32 Updated/rewritten reports include:

  • All the updated reports have been chosen for updating due to the publication of significant new engineering information, new production data, and/or revised geological models
  • The updated/rewritten reports have been restructured, and revised throughout, with additional engineering and production information, and with hundreds of additional parameters added to the digital Table of Parameters knowledge base in DAKS.
  • Wide global spread of updated field report locations, including nine from the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia), eleven from North America, three from the Russia & Caspian region and with an excellent global spread of the remaining reports (e.g., Iran, Turkmenistan, Mexico, Colombia).

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