DAKS™ Portfolio Module

Fuel More Successful E&P Portfolio Management

The DAKS™ Portfolio Module has been designed for quality assurance on a corporate basis. It has wide application wherever measurable, repeatable analysis of portfolio performance is required, and is designed to test parameter sensitivity for direct input to corporate portfolio management workflows. With the Portfolio Module, DAKS provides an integrated environment for quality assurance throughout the E&P lifecycle to reduce uncertainty and increase decision quality.

Why Use DAKS™ Portfolio Module?

  • Concepts, prospects and assets can be evaluated in the context of directly applicable analogues relevant to specific exploration and production challenges.
  • Evaluate, benchmark and analyse your portfolio against more than 450 geological and engineering parameters.
  • Industry-leading integrated charting and reporting functions.
  • Holistic benchmarking of a portfolio that is only possible when analysing a portfolio in the context of applicable analogues – something that is not possible in external spreadsheet or database software.

The DAKS™ Portfolio Module allows users to standardise knowledge on their E&P assets, whilst also providing a consistent and objective evaluation process to optimise portfolio performance. By applying the C&C Reservoirs Portfolio Analysis Workflow users can: construct, characterise, benchmark, rank, and optimise field performance at all stages of the E&P lifecycle.

DAKS™ Portfolio Interface

C&C Reservoirs’ Portfolio Analysis Workflow

Using the DAKS Portfolio Module, user can objectively rank and prioritise all reservoirs in order to identify portfolio issues and spotlight the best opportunities for value creation. To help users effectively use the DAKS Portfolio Module, C&C Reservoirs have created the Portfolio Analysis Workflow.

If you would like to learn more about the DAKS Portfolio Module, please contact us today or get in touch at: info@ccreservoirs.com

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