DAKS™ Content Release

October 2021

Our first content release for DAKS™ 6.0 is now available. This includes 70 Field Evaluation Reports and covers 90 reservoirs from across the globe.

Highlights include:

North Buzachi (Kazakhstan) – Shallow, giant, viscous-oil reservoir, in high-perm fluvial sandstones. Steam injection proved uneconomic, and recovery was enhanced mainly by hot waterflooding and infill drilling, augmented by pilot cyclic water-injection and polymer floods.

Belayim Land (Egypt) – Mature, multi-reservoir field straddling the Gulf of Suez coast. Rapid production decline has been reversed by a variety of measures including horizontal drilling, short-radius laterals, artificial lift, hydraulic fracturing and peripheral water injection.

Alma (UK) – Rejuvenated after a second 'abandonment', using high-angle wells guided by 3-D seismic, production of light oil from this Upper Paleozoic faulted horst-block finally ceased in 2020.

Eldfisk (Norway) – Having come onstream in 1979, the south of this light-oil accumulation has recently undergone intensive redevelopment with 39 new wells in the fractured chalk reservoir, mainly horizontal producers, supported by nine horizontal water injectors.

Marlim (Brazil) – Development of this stratigraphically trapped Tertiary turbidite reservoir was largely by horizontal producers with sand-control completions and water injectors. Declining production has led recently to revitalization planning involving drilling of 82 new wells.

Bayu Undan (Timor-Leste)  Retrograde gas-condensate in a shallow-marine/deltaic reservoir produced through big-bore wells, with all produced lean gas initially being reinjected. Plateau production has been maintained by infill drilling campaigns, the most recent in 2021.

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Field Evaluation Reports included in this release

All the reports included in this release were chosen for updating due to the publication of significant new engineering information, new production data, new reserve/resource information and/or revised geological models. This update includes a wide global spread of reports, including: 31 from North America, 17 from Europe, 10 from Asia-Pacific, 5 from Latin America, 5 from the Middle East, 1 from Russia and Caspian Sea, and 1 from Africa.

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