DAKS™ Content Release

April 2022

C&C Reservoirs’ latest content release is now available in DAKS. This includes 77 Reservoir Evaluation Reports from across the globe.

Highlights include:

Blake (UK) – Two reservoirs, both in Lower Cretaceous turbidites, with development focused on the main, excellent-quality, stacked channel-sands reservoir, by six horizontal producers and two water injectors. The poorer-quality thin-sheetsands reservoir, though larger, is sparsely developed.

Buchan (UK) – Tight and fractured Devonian fluvial sandstone reservoir. Crestal water injection was largely unsuccessful, but water-cut was still <60% after 40 years' production.

Chichimene (Columbia) – Two reservoirs, one in good-quality Eocene fluvial sands with recovery of the extra-heavy oil aided by water injection, EPSs and infill drilling. The other, minor reservoir consists of moderate-quality Upper Cretaceous deltaic/estuarine sands, producing heavy oil under aquifer drive.

Heletz (Israel) – Onstream since 1955, this faulted and layered coastal-sandstone, medium-gravity oil reservoir has been produced without pressure support and field life has been sustained by infill and step-out drilling.

Maari (New Zealand) – Offshore development of low-moderate quality, Miocene slope-fan turbidites using horizontal wells recompletions. IR methods include water injection and sidetrack infill drilling.

Vankor (Russia) – Multi-reservoir, supergiant oil & gas field, onstream since 2009, with production from layered, shallow-marine Lower Cretaceous reservoirs through multilateral wells light, aided by water injection and polymer conformance improvement measures.

Covenant (USA) – Lower Jurassic aeolian-dune sandstone reservoir with high N:G, but fault-compartmentalized, producing low-GOR oil under strong aquifer drive.

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Reservoir Evaluation Reports included in this release

All the reports included in this release were chosen for updating due to the publication of significant new engineering information, new production data, new reserve/resource information and/or revised geological models. This update includes a wide global spread of reports, including: 37 from North America, 18 from Asia-Pacific, 10 from the Middle East, 5 from Europe, 4 from Latin America, 3 from Russia and the Caspian Sea.

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