Validate your field development options

The intelligence behind the world's most successful oil field developers

No two development projects are the same. Each field presents different recovery challenges, and each demands bespoke solutions. By identifying and learning from the best, it is possible to test and refine your development plans and better model production performance. Even small improvements at this stage can realize extra $ billions over field life.

Validate your development options based on global best practice

C&C Reservoirs' (Digital Analogs Knowledge System (DAKS)) provides development managers with quick and easy access to a wealth of development knowledge. A proprietary and pioneering classification system allows you to find global fields with similar challenges to your own. This also aids communication between reservoir engineers and geoscientists working on the project as it provides a robust basis for comparison and discussion. The Field Evaluation Reports then allow you to quickly grasp the development history for any field, to understand what worked and what did not. This allows you to benefit from the learnings of previous industry investments.

Geologist With Seismic


  • Save significant time and cost in researching and analyzing analogous global developments
  • Inspire new field development ideas
  • Test your ideas against proven field developments
  • Identify and learn ‘best’ development practices
  • Be aware of the latter field life techniques that could help from the first day of production
  • Forecast the production performance of any hydrocarbon reservoir
  • Better ensure reserves bookings meet SPE / SEC guidelines
  • Lower your per barrel development costs
  • Make better investment decisions and help save or make $billions

Application: Better forecast production profiles and drilling plans using analog intelligence

In prospect evaluation workflows, reservoir engineers have limited time to produce detailed production forecasts. Now you can use our integrated production profile tool to assess the performance of analogous reservoirs, and forecast low, mid and high production profiles. Not only will this save you immense time but it will also improve communication across disciplines, help you invest more wisely, better manage stakeholder expectations and ensure best practice prospect evaluation.

Development Success Story

Guyana Liza Discovery Benchmarking

Having discovered the Liza oil field, which is among the largest oil discoveries in the past decade, DAKS was used to benchmark reservoir quality. This revealed Liza is an exceptional reservoir. Both porosity and permeability sit in the upper quartile when compared to proven global clastic reservoirs. Intelligence on comparable developments’ recovery factors highlight the most successful development strategies. Thus increasing confidence that Liza can achieve top quartile delivery in this important new oil province.

Questions we help you answer

  • What is the most successful development scenario for my situation?
  • What are the key factors affecting recovery in similar reservoirs?
  • What could go wrong with this development?
  • What additional information will me select the best development plan?
  • How can I better assess and justify reserves bookings?

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