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The World Leader In Capturing Field And Reservoir Knowledge

The Trusted Market Leader in Capturing, Standardising and Synthesising Global Field and Reservoir Knowledge

Our Vision

At its inception, C&C Reservoirs had a vision to help the E&P industry improve their decision quality, driving value across the E&P lifecycle by leveraging knowledge from the world’s most important fields and reservoirs.

C&C Reservoirs is demonstrably the market leader in analogue intelligence for upstream subsurface applications. Our product, the Digital Analogue Knowledge System (DAKS™), delivers solutions to challenging issues across the E&P lifecycle through the combination of four elements:

  • In-depth analysis and systematic documentation of the world’s most important fields and reservoirs
  • Holistic classification scheme representing more than 25 years of detailed, scientific research
  • Consistent knowledge base of more than 450 geological, reservoir engineering and production performance attributes founded on this classification scheme
  • Secure cloud-based software platform that contains a robust search engine, the capability to capture knowledge on users’ own E&P assets and powerful set of characterisation, benchmarking, production performance and portfolio ranking tools

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Who Are We?

The technical team at C&C Reservoirs consists of seasoned geoscientists and reservoir engineers who have spent more than 25 years collecting, reviewing and synthesising geological, reservoir engineering and production data on the world’s most important fields and reservoirs. This covers every significant petroleum basin, play and reservoir type, as well as development and production challenges, and IOR/EOR methods. These fields account for more than 70% of global conventional recoverable reserves and, collectively, document both best practices and technical failures from global E&P activities of the past century. This research has laid the foundation for C&C Reservoirs’ position as the leading provider of analogue intelligence to the oil and gas industry.

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Corporate Responsibility

At C&C Reservoirs we strive to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Our company’s corporate responsibility comprises:

  • Analogue intelligence for sustainable business practices
  • Protecting the environment
  • Improving employee wellbeing
  • Supporting the community
  • Equal opportunities in education

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