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C&C Reservoirs is the world leader in capturing field and reservoir knowledge

Formed in the mid-1990's to collect, standardize and synthesize data on the world’s most important fields and reservoirs.

We knew using analog knowledge would improve the success of finding and developing hydrocarbons globally.  C&C Reservoirs' products reduce the time it takes to find, analyse and derive insight from analogous oil and gas fields.  Learning from prior industry investments is key to any successful E&P company.  Today, we are the leading provider of reservoir analog knowledge used for benchmarking studies and in deriving detailed insight across the E&P lifecycle.

Accelerate your Experience

Most geoscientists and reservoir engineers tend to have detailed knowledge of a relatively small number of oil and gas fields. Thus when evaluating prospects or new discoveries, formulating development plans, creating or assessing reservoir management strategies or valuing assets, it is natural to draw on one’s own experiences. As a result, this risks biasing decision-making.

Many of the world’s most successful oil and gas companies are aware of these risks and use C&C Reservoirs knowledge base and analytics tools to assess analogous reservoirs as part of their E&P processes.  In so doing, C&C Reservoirs fills the knowledge gap and expands the experience of geoscientists and reservoir engineers. 

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Why we are the Trusted Leader

C&C Reservoirs' knowledge base started by covering the world’s most significant carbonate and clastic oil and gas fields. This now includes every known reservoir type in every known petroliferous basin.  This has been amassed since the mid-1990's by some of the world’s leading geoscientists and reservoir engineers.  We started by publishing individual field reports, to help you understand the provenance and history of specific fields, and to learn from them.  Today we have embraced the latest machine learning algorithms and provide powerful data analytics tools to allow unrivalled analysis of analogous fields.

All in all we help you find and recover more oil and gas. This is why we’re used by the world’s most successful oil and gas companies.

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