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The DAKS™ Advantage

C&C Reservoirs’ Digital Analogues Knowledge System (DAKS™) is a secure, cloud-based, asset-centered, knowledge platform designed to improve decision quality and drive value throughout the E&P lifecycle. DAKS™ leverages a user’s expertise on their own E&P assets with knowledge derived from global analogues. This knowledge can be described as ‘collective human intelligence’ and represents systematic documentation of the world’s most important oil and gas fields and reservoirs, allowing analysis of best practices and lessons learned from global E&P activities of the past century.

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DAKS™ Key Features

C&C Reservoirs provides analogue intelligence for better decision-making through its Field Evaluation Reports (FER), Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) reports, powerful analytical tools, holistic classification scheme and reservoir knowledge base. All delivered through a secure, cloud-based platform.

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Field Evaluation Reports (FER) & EOR Reports

Our FER and EOR Reports provide an in-depth analysis and systematic documentation of the world’s most important fields and reservoirs.

Global Knowledge Base & Classification

A comprehensive data model with over 450 geological and reservoir engineering attributes, exhaustively researched and established at both reservoir and field level.

DAKS™ Tools

The cloud-based knowledge platform contains a robust search engine, and a powerful set of characterisation, benchmarking, production performance and portfolio ranking tools.

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