C&C Reservoirs was formed over 20 years ago to collect, organize and synthesize data for reports on the world’s most important fields and reservoirs. We knew using analog knowledge would improve the success of finding and developing hydrocarbons globally, and we wanted to reduce the time it took to derive insight from these fields. Today, we are the leading provider of reservoir analog knowledge used in benchmarking public and proprietary reservoirs through the DAKS IQ platform.

Changing the game with Analogs 

DAKS IQ and global analogs help teams add value across the E&P lifecycle by:

  • Generating New Ideas – field reports are trusted by geoscientists working on new ventures and prospect generation projects, coupled with charting and analytics capabilities
  • Validating Assumptions – performance knowledge is employed by reservoir engineers to validate development scenarios, support reserve bookings, forecast production performance, deliver field development plans and reservoir life cycle management
  • Calibrating Uncertainty –systematically analyze over reservoir 400 parameters using the suite of software tools in our unique reservoir knowledge solution
  • Benchmarking Performance – quickly compare your performance against the population of applicable global reservoir analogs
  • Capturing Knowledge – you can capture and leverage the knowledge of your global assets enabling you to improve decision-making and ultimately financial performance


Our field evaluation reports form the basis for our knowledge platform, and cover more than 1500 of the world’s most important reservoirs and fields, with insights and learnings from more than $3 trillion in industry investment.

We are trusted by the world’s leading E&P companies, NOCs and government agencies to deliver reservoir knowledge, and many have been with us since the very beginning.

  • Through our field reports, reservoir knowledge comes to life.  Every report covers exploration history, basin evolution and petroleum systems, structural/trap definitions, stratigraphy/depositional facies, reservoir characteristics, fluid properties, resources and recovery, and contain comprehensive illustrations and a table of parameters of more than 400 geological, engineering and production parameters.
  • All our team members are industry experts.  All reports are written and synthesized by our technical and business staff who have, on average, 25 years of upstream oil and gas experience with operators, services companies and global software organizations.
  • Our classification system has been adopted across the industry.  The common nomenclature and classification system we have developed is used by our customers to organize their knowledge.  It is impossible to systematically capture details about your assets and benchmark them against global analogs without this common language.