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C&C Reservoirs’ services are built upon our unique DAKS platform and vast industry knowledge accumulated over the past two decades.

CONSULTING – leveraging DAKS and the experience of our experts we help identify the key technical issues that need to be addressed by the client and recommend solutions using a rigorous standardization and analysis process.

C&C Reservoirs is able to provide an independent assessment of predictions by comparing a field's performance with that of other mature producing fields within or outside the company.

KNOWLEDGE CAPTURE AND DATA MANAGEMENT – we help clients build their own reservoir and field knowledge system using our DAKS platform and assist them in capturing and standardizing their own reservoir data and information.  It’s through this standardized classification system that proprietary knowledge can be analyzed and benchmarked internally and against the global analogs provided in DAKS.

Our highly experienced geoscientists and reservoir engineers will perform an in-depth review and analysis of all client internal documents to extract knowledge, experience, and lessons learned. We can also create unique parameters as required by the client so they can capture knowledge specific to their organization.

The ability to capture and document this knowledge and experience across the entire organization, from individuals and small teams to business units, increases the opportunity for understanding, and ultimately better decisions and business success.

TRAINING – our experts can train client staff on how to use the DAKS platform but more importantly we can help clients learn how to use DAKS to find solutions to exploration, development and production challenges and help them validate project assumptions.