The cornerstone of our services is our unique DAKS IQ platform and vast industry knowledge accumulated over the past two decades. The use of global analogs from proven reservoirs, and the ability to capture and document knowledge and experience from across the entire organization, helps increase the opportunity for understanding, and ultimately, better decisions and business success.

As you roll out your own DAKS IQ implementation, it’s important to know we are here to support you all the way.   We can provide any level of training and support you need, from onsite support to project consulting, from basic to advanced training.  Just let us know how we can help.




Training is more than just software guidance. We offer a flexible training curriculum:  delivered online, instructor-led, or custom developed to meet your specific requirements.  These courses cover not only how to best leverage DAKS IQ, but also how to find and fully apply global reservoir analogs across the E&P Lifecycle.

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When working with us on a project, we use the full power of DAKS IQ to identify applicable global reservoir analogs, understand the development challenges and identify potential development techniques.  These detailed studies integrate all aspects of the hydrocarbon accumulation, regional setting, geological characteristics and the development decisions implemented to help you better understand the potential reservoir performance.  Our rigorous methodology makes us the partner of choice when reservoir and field-scale data, solutions and forecasts are sought to guide investment decisions.

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We can provide experts as on-site support for one on-one mentoring, to help troubleshoot any issues your users may experience, and ensure your staff can maximize the value of your investment. Our onsite consultants are personal coaches who can help your professionals to work more effectively and efficiently.

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