Knowledge Capture Module

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Easily identify proprietary reservoirs (yellow pins) vs. subscription global reservoirs (blue pins).

DAKS IQ Knowledge Capture provides a way to systematically classify and manage corporate knowledge. The easy-to-use input tool provides the ability to capture your proprietary field and reservoir data across more than 400 geologic and engineering parameters in order to compare your reservoirs to global analogs. All the benefits of the Foundation and Analysis Modules are included with the Knowledge Capture module.

With DAKS IQ Knowledge Capture you can:

  • Analyze trends across global analogs and your proprietary fields and reservoirs
  • Include your reservoirs and DAKS IQ global analogs for analysis, increasing the knowledge base for greater insight
  • Control who has access and visibility to specific fields and reservoirs
  • Share global reservoir knowledge across your teams to leverage prior investments
  • Mitigate internal bias by comparing your reservoirs to global analogs.


Drop-down boxes make it easy to enter knowledge in a standardized format.


Guidelines and infographics on the classification system ensure knowledge is entered systematically.