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DAKS IQ classification system example for traps and depositional environment

DAKS IQ Foundation extends the experience of geoscientists and reservoir engineering professionals through documentation of the best practices and lessons learned from more than 1,500 of the world’s most important reservoirs.  Delivered in the form of comprehensive field and reservoir reports, which leverage a tested classification system covering more than 400 geologic and engineering parameters, you can use DAKS IQ Foundation to:

  • Find applicable global reservoir analogs using the filter, name and map-based search tools
  • Identify trends and analyze results using the map colorization and sizing tools
  • Generate basin insight and test new exploration concepts and ideas
  • Identify best practices from analogous reservoirs from around the world
  • View parameter details for each reservoir
  • Leverage the learnings from more than $3 trillion in industry investment

All field reports are compiled using public domain information from corporate websites, operator data, and reputable technical journals and magazines in multiple languages. All analysts who compile the field reports are seasoned PhD geoscientists and reservoir engineers with over 25 years of oil industry experience. We add new and updated field evaluation reports annually and update the table of parameters whenever new data and information become available.

Starting with the exploration history, each report details how and why the prospect was drilled and then moves to provide the basin genesis and source rock, followed by a detailed description of the structure and trap definition, reservoir characteristics and fluid properties, resources and recovery, including development strategy, reservoir management and improved recovery techniques applied and their outcome. Each report contains a full reference list, a comprehensive table of more than 400 geologic and reservoir engineering parameters and classified figures of map, cross-section, log, plot, photograph and production history curve.

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These field reports provide insights gained from trillions of dollars investment that have been made in these fields over the years, document the best practices and lessons learned of the concepts, models and technologies that have been applied and represent collective wisdom of industry experienced PhD geoscientists and engineers.

All of our analysts have extensive industry experience and they go through a rigorous training program to write our reports.  Analysts document all references used, then each report is checked by an editor and a publisher, and undergoes a quality assurance review before it is made available in the DAKS IQ platform.  We are always looking for new information and when a report is updated the process is the same. Our reports have been updated with new information many times – ensuring we are capturing new improved recovery methods or new reservoirs in a field.

Comprehensive field and reservoir global analog knowledge, experience and insight at your fingertips.