Analysis Module

chart | benchmark | evaluate

DAKS IQ Analysis delivers the tools to chart, benchmark, and evaluate analogs and provides the ability to investigate opportunities and make better-informed decisions. It also includes Frequency Search, a brand new advanced search tool. All the benefits of DAKS IQ Foundation are also comprehended in the Analysis module.

With DAKS IQ Analysis you can:

  • Identify trends and calibrate uncertainty through analysis tools like crossplots (Fig. 1), characterization tables (Fig. 2) and histograms (Fig. 3)
  • Access analog production performance data to drive an understanding of ‘what’s possible’ (Fig. 4)
  • Find even more applicable global reservoir analogs for your own field or exploration target using the new Frequency Search and benchmark geologic and engineering parameters to understand key drivers and the performance of your reservoirs against global analogs (Fig. 5 – 7)
  • Answer critical questions and calibrate uncertainty by leveraging global analogs knowledge and tools


Fig. 1: Crossplots to understand relationships or
to make interpretations between any two parameters.

Fig. 2: Characterization tables and benchmarking can be used to understand where your target values compare to the distribution of the global analogs.

Fig. 3: Histograms can be used to analyze any single parameter
to understand the analog

Fig. 4: Curves can be generated to understand analog production performance.


“the analog gamechangeR” – Frequency Search

Frequency Search is an advanced search, analysis and benchmarking option that complements the existing search tools and helps you find a broader spectrum of analogs.

You start by inputting target parameter values, followed by defining search ranges for the selected parameters.  The Frequency Search algorithm uses these ranges to automatically identify all applicable global reservoir analogs that fall within one or more of the parameter ranges.  The number of times (or frequency) that each reservoir matches an input parameter is displayed in a summary histogram.  This chart is automatically generated and shows how many, and which, parameters each reservoir analog matches.  This population can be further refined through the analytical tools in DAKS IQ.


Fig. 5: Frequency Search input tool – target parameter values and search parameter ranges are defined for up to 45 parameters.

Fig. 6: Frequency Search histogram results table.

Fig. 7: Frequency Search: reservoir analogs parameter match table.