Analogs equal experience.

Analogs help calibrate uncertainty; they provide confidence for interpretations; they can be used to refine inputs to reservoir models, benchmark reservoir performance and identify best practices for reservoir enhancement.

The more experience you hold, the better decisions you can make when addressing a new challenge. Global analogs form a critical part of the technical workflows that guide investment decisions across the exploration, development and production lifecycle.

The challenge however is finding applicable global reservoir analogs.  DAKS IQ makes the search for, and selection of applicable global reservoir analogs, more efficient and less time-consuming, and the analysis tools in DAKS IQ help drive insight.  And with our new Frequency Search option, identifying applicable global reservoir analogs is now easier than ever before.

We first introduced the Digital Analogs Knowledge System (DAKS™) over 20 years ago. DAKS IQ is the latest release and has been completely redesigned with a focus on improving the user experience, accelerating the synthesis and delivery of content, and providing new tools to capture and analyze knowledge.

Finding applicable analogs can help you answer a number of questions, such as:

  • What is the average porosity for reservoirs of similar depths?
  • What development options are used in similar fields?
  • What EOR technique is most beneficial for my development?
  • What is the likely recovery factor for my field?
  • How do I support my reserve estimations with analogs?
  • How can I produce a better production profile for my recent discovery?

With a new, more flexible, set of modules and options, you can decide how you want to use DAKS IQ:  from searching for analogs and reading reports; to analyzing global trends, to benchmarking your reservoir performance against global analogs to determine how they are really performing; to systematically classifying and preserving your reservoir knowledge in a single system.  With DAKS IQ, you have the functionality and flexibility you require.