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(the Digital Analogs Knowledge System)

In oil and gas exploration and production, it is important to identify the exceptional opportunities from all the rest. To be successful, geoscientists and engineers need to pool their collective experiences and knowledge so they can more easily recognize the inherent risks, uncertainties and potential upsides for the numerous opportunities they see.

When evaluating prospects or new discoveries, devising development plans, assessing reservoir management strategies, or undertaking economic evaluations, oil and gas professionals initially draw only on their own knowledge and experience to help guide their decision-making.

The use of global analogs from proven reservoirs, and the ability to capture and document knowledge and experience from across the entire organization, helps increase the opportunity for understanding, and ultimately better decisions and business success.

Statistical analysis of all the technical data for the analogs can be generated so users can quickly identify which parameters fall outside expected ranges, and thus might impact reservoir performance, or may require further explanation. In the example below, structural dip and seal lithology are identified as anomalous.

Powerful search capabilities allow customers to compare hundreds of technical attributes between reservoirs in DAKS and against their own proprietary reservoirs. Sophisticated analysis tools and comprehensive reports improve reservoir understanding and help reduce subsurface uncertainty.

Compiled and developed since the mid-1990’s, DAKS extends the experience of geoscientists and engineering professionals. DAKS is a knowledge platform with detailed field and reservoir reports, a comprehensive geologic and reservoir engineering database on the world’s most important fields and reservoirs, and a platform for reservoir performance analysis.

DAKS empowers clients to improve exploration success, optimize field development plans, enhance production performance and maximize the recovery efficiency of their E&P assets through application of lessons learned and best practices drawn from more than 1,450 rigorously documented fields and reservoirs. Benchmarking and analytical tools, along with the ability to capture knowledge about clients’ own assets for comparison against proven analogs in DAKS, enables them to make better E&P decisions.

Parameters, attributes and ideas from proven fields and reservoirs can be used to verify exploration and production hypotheses and boost E&P decision-making confidence. DAKS facilitates instant access to knowledge and lessons learned from nearly every basin, play and reservoir type around the world.

Using analogs provides a simple yet powerful and cost effective technique to help clients:

• Reduce subsurface uncertainty and improve exploration success

• Identify areas for improvement and compare internal results against proven analogs

• Generate and test new ideas for exploration and production

• Benchmark reservoir performance to identify reserve growth potential and help optimize recovery

DAKSTM Includes
A powerful menu-driven query builder that allows user defined, multi-criteria searches with general-to-specific queries at both the field and reservoir levels.
More than 1450 reports on proven, producing reservoirs written by industry experts.
A relational database incorporating all the information captured in the reports that can be used for characterization and benchmarking.
All reports cover exploration history, basin evolution and petroleum systems, structural/trap definitions, stratigraphy/depositional facies, reservoir architecture and properties, production engineering analysis, maps, illustrations, production curves, and a table of parameters on more than 700 geological, engineering and production parameters.
A customer defined data model that allows clients to store geological, engineering and production knowledge on their own reservoirs and fields.
Web-based graphical user interface.