Project Services

When working with us on a project, we will use the full power of DAKS IQ to help solve your challenges. Capturing knowledge on your field and using our proprietary classification system will ensure we identify applicable global reservoir analogs for your play, prospect or field.  Finding any analog is easy.  Expertly locating a relevant population of applicable global reservoir analogs will unleash the full power of analogs in addressing your specific questions.  Our experienced team of geoscientists and reservoir engineers have worked on a wide range of global projects, both onshore and offshore, and spanning all play types.  Each project will involve close collaboration to deliver the specific requirements of the project.  Leveraging DAKS IQ, we will help you apply the vast knowledge and learning that producing reservoirs provide.


Analog Benchmarking Studies

Using the extensive resources available in DAKS IQ, our technical team will perform benchmarking analysis of your assets against the proven global reservoir analogs in DAKS IQ.  These projects typically commence by clarifying your challenge and selecting the reservoir, fluid or engineering parameters you wish to benchmark.  DAKS IQ holds over 400 parameters and any combination of these can be used to benchmark your target be it an exploration prospect, new development or EOR candidate.

We will map your data to our industry-leading DAKS IQ proprietary classification system, so that we can locate the population of analogs that your prospect or field will be benchmarked against.  Both static and dynamic parameters are available for benchmarking.  Our experts will provide a referenced study, complete with figures and analysis, by leveraging their significant industry experience and the power of global analogs in DAKS IQ.

Example challenges we can assist with include:

  • For prospects, benchmark the geological and engineering input parameters required for net present value This assures consistency and objectivity across an exploration portfolio.
  • For new developments, clarify the learnings and production impact from others’ development decisions so that you can “crack the code” for your reservoir in an accelerated timeframe and at a lower cost than learning-by-doing approaches.
  • For mature fields, identify recovery factor upside and the improved recovery or EOR methods that have delivered increased performance in analog developments
  • For investment opportunities, quickly rank each to determine which have the highest upside potential
  • Objective evaluation of your assets’ production performance compared to others.

Knowledge Capture – Transition Support or Complete Outsourcing

Our DAKS IQ Knowledge Capture Services are scalable and complement your internal resources.  We have built our platform and designed training so that your team can immediately begin building a database to compare your reservoirs against the global analogs in DAKS IQ.  After incorporating your proprietary field data into our platform we can provide the expertise to help build and deliver rigorous yet cost-effective solutions to facilitate your exploration, development and production workflows.  We work to the highest professional standards and any proprietary data and interpretations remain strictly confidential.

Many of our customers want to leverage our team of experts at the beginning of a knowledge capture project to ensure that best practices we have learned from capturing knowledge on more than 1500 global reservoirs are followed, before transferring the technology to your in-house teams. Passing on our knowledge and ensuring your teams are collecting, synthesizing and documenting information will ensure future project success.

From the initial stages of scoping and discovery we get a full understanding of the field and reservoir data you have including quality, quantity and any internal classification system that has been previously applied. We can map your data to our industry-leading DAKS IQ classification system.  Whether your implementation is for a subset of your portfolio, or you are adopting our platform to manage all your data, our Knowledge Capture Services will ensure complete transfer of your knowledge to DAKS IQ is a success.

Portfolio Services

Our staff has global experience in major oil and gas areas all over the world, in both geoscience and engineering.  Working with you, we can leverage DAKS IQ and our experience to solve business challenges you may face.  Projects we have undertaken include:

  • Identifying which projects are the best fit for your asset portfolio strategy
  • Ranking the assets in your portfolio and identifying the best assets for acquisition or divestiture
  • Prospect quality-control to provide a reality check and help validate your assumptions and estimates for prospects
  • Optimizing field development options by reviewing aspects of your development plan (volumetric assessment, reservoir exploitation strategies, etc.) and performing benchmarking analysis of your assets against proven cases in DAKS IQ.

custom Service Projects

Two examples of additional services we have provided for others include: 

  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control Programs – setting up and maintaining an appropriate level of quality assurance and quality control programs is difficult.  We have programs and processes we use every day on our data and systems.  We can apply our best practices and programs to your reservoir knowledge and provide  details to correct the data you have entered, or identify suspect data, and implement checks to maintain your data quality.
  • Lease Sale (Bid Round) Evaluation – For operators, we can help you identify which projects are the best fit for your asset portfolio strategy and assist in understanding and evaluating offerings.  Quickly identifying geological or engineering anomalies associated with each opportunity, will help to rank them to determine which have the highest potential.  For national oil companies and government agencies, this service can be used to identify leases that may attract foreign capital investment and help determine which assets to offer through bid rounds.