National Oil Companies

Hydrocarbon-producing countries with national oil companies have a responsibility to manage production and defend the national interests in the oil and gas sector.  As they expand their assets globally, they may realize that having staff with knowledge gained predominately from one country can hamper their global agenda.  This can also reduce the speed at which lessons are learned from global plays and applied to national reservoirs. 

Our field evaluation reports provide concise knowledge to allow any geoscientist, reservoir engineer or executive to accelerate their own experience and learn about the world’s most important oil and gas reservoirs.  Combining these reports with the DAKS IQ analytical tools, and the ability to search and identify applicable global reservoir analogs, improves global competitiveness.  Furthermore, incorporating your own data into a national reservoir database will leverage your knowledge with that available from global analogs.

DAKS IQ is uniquely positioned to help you:

  • Quickly identify the applicable global reservoir analogs that are relevant to your plays and fields
  • Leverage knowledge capture and knowledge management solutions to build your own national reservoir database
  • Combine the power of global analogs with your own reservoirs to identify global exploration plays that leverage your domestic skills
  • Benchmark your reservoirs against global analogs to quickly highlight the optimal development techniques for each of your reservoirs
  • Validate your partners’ exploration proposals or development plans against global analog knowledge
  • Identify best practices for improved recovery or enhanced oil recovery in mature assets.


Example Application: Global Exploration Strategy Support

An NOC with a specific skill set wants to understand where they can apply the lessons they have learned domestically to similar play opportunities internationally.  The detailed DAKS IQ classification scheme allows identification of similar global plays that match any of more than 400 parameters .  The field reports detail the exploration history, why and how the prospect was drilled, and then provides details on the basin genesis and source rock, reservoir characteristics and fluid properties, resources and recovery, including development strategy, reservoir management and improved recovery techniques applied, and their outcome.

The challenge of where to focus new venture spend can often result in studies that attempt to rank all basins of the world, with the magnitude of investment and time frame that such an endeavor requires.  The use of analogs quickly summarizes the global play types and identifies those that match any number of specific basin, play or prospect parameters.  DAKS IQ has done much of this for you and synthesizes global analog information to help guide your strategic decisions.


Manage national production, explore and produce globally.