Operators of all sizes need to make the right exploration choices and improve returns from their assets often with fewer experienced technical resources.

Many executives, geoscientists and engineers face the following challenges;

  • Too time-consuming to find applicable analog information from Google searches or OnePetro
  • Need for improved ways to calibrate uncertainty or benchmark Rf ranges
  • Limited knowledge of successful development scenarios across the globe
  • Ongoing budget constraints

DAKS IQ is uniquely positioned to help you

  • Find global analogs in seconds for your field or exploration target
  • Gain basin insight
  • Test new exploration concepts and ideas
  • Use advanced analytics to identify trends and calibrate uncertainty, visualizing the results through crossplots, histograms and tables
  • Identify best practices for improved recovery

We provide a flexible subscription model to fit the specific needs of your organization.  Starting with our Foundation module, you can select the right amount of software and services to maximize your value.

Once you have invested in the Foundation module and have access to the knowledge base, you have many paths to significant value.

Find the right solution path for your organization for now and into the future.  Whether it is adding advanced analytics or partnering with our experienced geoscientists and engineers for project services, we can help.