Independents must be nimble to succeed. Whether your company is small or large, start-up or long-established, reservoir analogs can quickly assist project teams who are tight on time.  Synthesized knowledge at the reservoir level, quickly available through the DAKS IQ platform, has helped many Independents accelerate project evaluations.   Those with production may want to rank redevelopment opportunities and those focused on growth through organic exploration will benefit from the ability to quickly learn about new basins and their petroleum systems.

Operators of all sizes need to make the right investment choices, but in a dynamic market, the time and resources available to make those choices is also dynamic.  Being nimble may let you take advantage of opportunities that others miss.  Whether your organization is focused in one or two core areas, or globally, DAKS IQ will add value.

DAKS IQ is uniquely positioned to help you to:

  • Quickly locate global analogs for your development or exploration target
  • Gain basin and play insight quickly from field reports
  • Test new exploration, development or production concepts and ideas
  • Maximize the learning from analogs and short-cut the time to first production
  • Identify trends and calibrate uncertainty through analytic tools, cross-plots, histograms and tables
  • Identify best practices from over $3 trillion in industry investment.


Example Application: Bid Round Assistance

Entry into a new country was planned by Independent A, whose team had little knowledge of the producing fields and successful exploration plays.  The DAKS IQ field reports helped the team quickly accelerate their experience in the new basins.  Through use of the knowledge capture tools, information on available producing and exploration opportunities was captured and then opportunities were ranked against a suite of applicable global reservoir analogs.  One high-graded investment opportunity, a producing asset, had a recovery factor 25% below the average seen for analog fields.  A second opportunity, with a novel play concept, was developed based on an assessment of the principle play controls in the basin and an evaluation of the dominant plays observed in analog basins worldwide.


Accelerate project evaluations, focus on growth.