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At C&C Reservoirs, we believe our success is attributed to our people. We employ, train and develop those who fit our innovative and energetic culture. Over the past 23 years we have worked with some of the best experts from around the world, who have a passion to learn the most from prior discoveries.

If you want to build an exciting career in an innovative company that is founded on facts, consider C&C Reservoirs.

We document and synthesise learnings across the E&P lifecycle for the worlds' most important fields and reservoirs.  With this intelligence, we develop analytical tools so all can maximise the value of prior discoveries to best inform their current and future decisions.  We develop new content, new ways of capturing and classifying information and new analytical tools to inform both qualitative and quantitative evaluations for all types of reservoirs.

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We offer the opportunity of a stimulating, challenging, fun, and rewarding career in all areas of geoscience, reservoir engineering, software development, account management and R&D, whether you are fresh out of university or a seasoned professional.

Current Vacancies

Senior Geoscientist - Berkshire, UK

We are seeking Senior Geoscientists to produce Field Evaluation Reports for C&C Reservoirs' Digital Analogs Knowledge System (DAKS). Working in collaboration with other geoscientists, reservoir engineers and support staff, the position involves the creation of in-depth, high-quality and focused reports that summarize the key geological and production-performance aspects of oil and gas fields worldwide. 

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KPD Geoscientist - Berkshire, UK

C&C Reservoirs is seeking Geoscientists to join our team of senior geoscientists, reservoir engineers and support staff in growing our new venture, the Key Parameter Database (KPD). The KPD will augment C&C Reservoirs' existing global field evaluation reports, delivered through the Digital Analogs Knowledge System (DAKS). Employing our pioneering classification system for the most important subsurface geological and reservoir engineering parameters, the KPD will help deliver an expanding range and number of analogs. Using the analytical tools provided in DAKS this additional knowledge will provide critical insight to reduce exploration and development uncertainty.

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To fulfil our UK recruitment needs we have partnered with Zinc Consultants.

Zinc helps to ensure we have a balanced, equal opportunity recruitment approach. We aim to deliver a leading employee value proposition and a stimulating and challenging working environment. Success at C&C Reservoirs is founded on helping the industry maximize the value of its prior investments and we seek those who can contribute to that mission.

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