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The Company

C&C Reservoirs is a global software and services company with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and China. Our team of technical and business experts have on average over 20 years of upstream oil and gas experience with operators, services companies and global software organizations.

C&C Reservoirs is focused on being the recognized leader for capturing and delivering public and proprietary reservoir knowledge and data, facilitating field and reservoir benchmarking and enabling customers to improve decisions and financial performance.

The core solution of C&C Reservoirs is DAKS™, the Digital Analogs Knowledge System. DAKS is a knowledge platform that empowers clients to improve exploration success, optimize field development plans, enhance production performance and maximize the recovery efficiency of their E&P assets through application of lessons learned and best practices drawn from over 1,450 rigorously documented reservoirs. Benchmarking and analytical tools, along with the ability to capture knowledge about their own assets for comparison against proven analogs, empowers clients to make better E&P decisions.

C&C Reservoirs also leverages DAKS to provide custom E to P consulting solutions delivered by a team of experienced geoscientists and reservoir engineers. Partnering with our clients we can propose 'best project solutions' identified by a review of geologic and reservoir performance analogs. C&C Reservoirs also provides knowledge capture services, software and solution training and onsite consulting and support.

Founded by Dr. S. Qing Sun in 1995, a leading expert in carbonate fields, C&C reservoirs just celebrated their 20th anniversary and continues to develop leading solutions and services to help E&P clients.

Tengiz Field

An oilfield located in northwestern Kazakhstans’s low-lying wetlands along the northeast shores of the caspian sea, it covers a 2,500 km2 (970 sq mi) project license area which also includes a smaller korolev field and several exploratory prospects. The roots of C&C Reservoirs go back to a Chevron field development project on this oilfield.

46°9’10 N 53°230′ E
Operator: Tengizchevroil